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As the role of organisations has changed, so too has the role of the individuals who lead them. No longer focused purely on creating value for investors, leaders must now work to build organisations that create value for their employees, suppliers, the communities they are part of and their wider environment.

We are an independent search and advisory firm whose partners have maintained a position at the top of their profession for over 20 years. We advise commercial, government and third sector clients on a complementary suite of board, executive search, talent insight, strategic communications and leadership capability solutions.

Because of this we go beyond search, to supporting newly appointed leaders as they look to build their organisations into forces for good. Believing that our focus on delivering future-oriented and diverse shortlists, when supported with communications, culture and engagement solutions, will result in organisations able to create more value and for more stakeholders.

Our story

We work with individuals and organisations to build a better future for all. Driven by the belief that the leaders we place are uniquely positioned to create tangible value for all stakeholders. As equally responsible for the environment, societies and communities they interact with, as they are for the success of the organisations and employees they lead.

Our goal then is to support organisations to find and acquire leaders who share this belief. And to go beyond hiring to supporting these leaders create high performance organisations through the people they lead.

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May 2023

Join us

Miles Advisory is a new kind of professional services firm, purpose-led with the goal of equipping clients to facilitate positive value for all stakeholders. When we launched, we consciously agreed the kind of culture we wanted to create. The values that guide the way we work together are proactivity, responsibility, entrepreneurialism and trust. These ways of working ensure everyone is able to feel part of our team, generate more and stronger relationships and so have a bigger impact.

Meet the team

Our team is experienced, capable and focused and our people collaborate extensively to leverage knowledge and skillsets across the entire firm.

Our values

We consciously set out to create and nurture a culture that enables rather than inhibits us. So our values are there to underpin how we work, guiding our approach and interactions with each other, and with our clients. And supporting us to deliver measurable value that builds lifetime relationships lasting far longer than individual transactions.

We are planful, prepared and ready for what happens.  

We focus on the future, on suggestions, tactics, improvement, delivery, commitments, relevance, benchmarks, connections and evaluation tracking. 

We are fully accountable and answerable for the things that are within our power, control, or management.  

We focus on ownership, on going above and beyond, quality, resources, hands-on, sharing, learning, demonstrating, inclusion, fairness, transparency, measurement, results and outcomes. 

We have a shared mindset that embraces critical questioning and continuous improvement.

We focus on openness, on new ideas, ways of working, development, flex, research, diversity, togetherness, proposition, agility and piloting.

We can always be relied upon to be honest and truthful.

A focus on engagement, on counsel, confidentiality, challenge, thoughtfulness, honesty, candidness, straightforwardness, feedback and freedom.


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