People & Culture

Communications connecting people with purpose.

In a world of relentless change, high levels of engagement are critical to unlocking the support and effort needed from employees to respond effectively. We support ambitious leaders with the communications, capability and culture solutions to create highly aligned and engaged organisations.

What we do

We work to a proven methodology which begins with a corporate story that connects everyone to a meaningful purpose and motivates them to do their best work. Within this sits a powerful value proposition for employees articulating what they can expect in return for their efforts. Together they paint a picture of how it will feel to be part of the cause as well as describing the behaviours and winning ways of working required from everyone involved. This framework guides the delivery of employee communications and experiences that build engagement and drive high performance.

Creating and cascading the framework outputs also supports leaders and people managers to develop the capability and mindset needed to build high levels of employee engagement. Equipping them with a shared language and consistent story to communicate purpose and priorities more effectively

Connecting everyone to a meaningful purpose
and motivating them to do their best work.

We help leaders to articulate a motivating vision of the future; communicate compelling stories about strategy; deliver content that connects employees to goals, create behavioural frameworks for ‘winning’ cultures and build programmes that drive behaviour change and performance.

Creating a line of sight between the individual and the wider organisation purpose through an integrated and motivational employment story.

  • Link purpose and values with goals and roles
  • Bring meaning and pride to working lives
  • Build trust in leadership through a consistent and coherent voice
  • Create confidence and a ‘feel-good’ factor for the future
  • Help people to feel they belong and want to stay

Articulate and promote why talented people should choose to work for you.

We help organisations to define and communicate their value proposition to employees. To be clear and compelling on why the talent they need should choose their careers over those of competitors. Delivered through a structured approach to building and marketing a differentiated people proposition including a defined brand framework, a roadmap and the tools for taking their organisation on the employer branding journey.

  • The offer to employees in return for their loyalty, commitment and effort
  • A base for integrated coherent employer messaging
  • Connects with the values to create the “employee deal”
  • A platform for a more effective way of communicating with talent
  • Guides improved employee expectations and experiences

Deliver employee experiences that build engagement and drive high performance.

We support clients to improve the delivery of their people processes at each major touchpoint. Pro-actively managing their employer brand by optimising the communications and experiences their employees have at work. This enables our clients to move beyond ad-hoc engagement initiatives. Embedding EVP based messages across recruitment, onboarding, performance, development and reward.

  • Building stronger expectations and experiences
  • From the first expectation to the final day
  • Colleague journey and lifecycle mapping
  • Creating a consistent story delivered through the people processes
  • Building engagement and signposting culture

What worked for leaders in the past will not work for them in the future.

We help clients to develop the capability and mindset of their leaders to build high levels of employee engagement. Equipping leaders and people managers with the will, skill and tools to communicate more effectively. With an emphasis on the power of authentic conversations on purpose, sustainability, performance, diversity and wellbeing as everyday topics that build engagement and activate a high-performance culture.

  • Assessing leadership potential, performance and cultural fit, for recruitment, development or succession
  • Developing leadership capability in employee engagement and creation of high-performance cultures
  • Enabling women leaders to anticipate, challenge and manage the moments of ambiguity and transition in their careers and thrive in a biased environment

The risk to careers and organisations lies hidden in the ‘Say Do’ gap between what is said in sustainability reports and what actually happens.

Our consultants have experience and expertise in the specialist areas of supply chain, energy and sustainable business practice. We work with clients on tailored packages of discovery, strategy and programme implementation across environmental, social and governance operating arenas. Our approach is aligned to the screening criteria used by investor and activist organisations.

We work to a robust methodology delivered in three stages

1. Engage – Viewing the client’s business through a critical lens – activist and investor screening criteria and recognised ESG evaluation frameworks. Example audit areas

  • Peer group comparison
  • Public statement delivery risk i.e. CO2
  • Strategy coherence
  • Organisational alignment

2. Envisage – Designing a resilient and enduring response to risks, threats and opportunities based on clear and tangible return on investment in addition to de-risking the business reputationally. Example delivery planning

  • Supply chain re-alignment
  • Supply chain scope 3 onwards
  • Waste reduction and the circular economy
  • Inclusive practice creation

3. Enable – Facilitating the project and programme plans either in support of the clients business or through an outsourced model

  • People enablement plan
  • Financial enablement and returns
  • Leadership capability and communications
  • Insource, interim support, outsource

Our approach
is intentionally different.

Our experience is that the best results come when goals and activities are shared across stakeholders. When experts from inside and outside the organisation come together to create new ways of thinking about new (and old) challenges. We focus on inclusiveness and co-creation and are as comfortable working discretely behind the scenes to support in-house teams lead the programme as we are leading from the front to enable clients to actively participate.

Expert knowledge, innovative approach and bold thinking. Supporting clients to build powerful leadership teams and aligned organisations.


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