Public Listed Retailer

Client Profile

Our client was one of the UK’s largest public listed retailers. The company had undergone a period of sustained poor performance & was seen to be lacking both in product & customer innovation & a robust turnaround plan. As a result there had been a steep decline in the company’s share price. Relationships with investors was poor & fractious. An incoming CEO had a clear plan for change & needed a fresh start with shareholders. It was felt that the appointment of new Head of Investor Relations would facilitate this fresh start with investors & would be a key component of the transformation plan

Client Requirement

The client believed it was important to appoint a Head of Investor Relations with impeccable credentials an outstanding reputation & track record of building trusted relationships with institutional investors. This needed to be a landmark appointment

Our Approach & Strategy

First we established which leading FTSE Head of Investor Relations had the characteristics described above. We then confidently took standings from some key investors. This led us to a small group of ideal candidates who we met to develop our shortlist 


The client landed one of the UK’s most respected Head of Investor Relations who had participated in a similar turnaround & transformation in financial services


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