Veronica Martin

People & Culture

Veronica leads our Social Value programme where we aim to connect disadvantaged children with dedicated role models from the leadership teams of the corporate and public sectors. She uses her expertise in initiating, coordinating and managing relationships between organisations and their stakeholders to create more value for both. Devoting her knowledge and experience to facilitating success for young people through the role models from the organisations who work with them. To realise their potential and to maximise opportunities to change their lives for the better.

Veronica is also the development manager for RedSTART Educate and is the Chief Operating Officer of the Aleto Foundation.
Veronica’s previous experience include advertising roles for the Voice Newspaper and Time Magazine, fundraising and advisory roles for the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation, Brathay Trust and the Brain and Spine Foundation.

She is also founder of Black Leaders Awareness Day and of the charity Beyond our Youth
Veronica is a fully certificated member of the Institute of Fundraising, has a degree in Marketing from London College and a Masters in Charity Marketing and Fundraising from London South Bank


20 North Audley Street